Publications, presentations and reports of relevance to the All-Party Group's activities.


The socio-economic and environmental values of plant breeding in the EU and selected EU member states
HFFA Research GmbH, May 2021

Current and future market applications of new genomic techniques

European Commission Joint Research Centre, April 2021

Study on the status of new genomic techniques
European Commission, April 2021

Towards Net Zero in UK Agriculture
UCL, April 2021

Living Landscapes – Public dialogue on the future of land use
Royal Society, March 2021

UK Plant Science Research Strategy: A Roadmap for the Next Ten Years

UKRI, March 2021

Farming for 1.5OC : A transformation pathway
Independent inquiry on farming and climate change in Scotland, November 2020

Economic and Food Security Impacts of Agricultural Input Reduction Under the European Union Green Deal’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies
USDA, November 2020

Genome Editing for Crop Improvement
ALLEA Symposium Report, October 2020

Gene Editing for the Climate: Biological Solutions for Curbing Greenhouse Emissions
Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, September 2020

Socio-economic impact of NIAB research

NIAB, September 2020

National Food Strategy – Part One
National Food Strategy, July 2020

GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2018
PG Economics, July 2020

Hungry for change: fixing the failures in food
House of Lords Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment, July 2020

Soil structure and its benefits
Royal Society, April 2020

The regulation of  genome-edited plants  in the European Union
EASAC, March 2020

Fostering innovation in agriculture through enabling regulatory policy
Estel Consult, February 2020

Report to the Food and Drink Sector Council
Agricultural Productivity Working Group, February 2020

Land use: Policies for a Net Zero UK
Committee on Climate Change, January 2020

Delivering on Net Zero : Scottish Agriculture
WWF, January 2020

Review of food derived using new breeding techniques
Food Standards Australia New Zealand, December 2019

Agri-Tech Report

NFU Mutual, November 2019

Our Planet, Our Health
House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, September 2019

Climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector in Europe
European Environment Agency, September 2019

Achieving Net Zero: Farming’s 2040 Goal
NFU, September 2019

Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2018
ISAAA, August 2019

Climate Change and Land
IPCC, August 2019

Fertile Ground: Opportunities and challenges for UK agriculture
Institute of Economic Affairs, June 2019

State of the environment: soil
Environment Agency, June 2019

The Future of Crop Protection
Innovate UK - Knowledge Transfer Network, May 2019

Climate Change and Agriculture
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, May 2019  

Research Review: Weed control options and future opportunities for UK crops
AHDB/PGRO, April 2019

The State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture
FAO, February 2019

The Future of Food 2040
NFU, February 2019

Recipe for disaster: how climate change threatens British-grown fruit and veg
The Climate Coalition, February 2019

Constraints on UK agricultural and horticultural productivity
AHDB, December 2018

Back to the land: rethinking our approach to soil
CPRE, December 2018

Research Briefing - Trends in Agriculture
Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, November 2018

The Effect of Innovation in Agriculture on the Environment
Institute of Economic Affairs, November 2018

Preparing for change: the characteristics of top performing farms

AHDB, October 2018

UK plant genetics: a regulatory environment to maximise advantage to the UK economy post-Brexit
PG Economics, October 2018

Forward Look for UK Bioscience
UKRI, September 2018

UK – a nation united by food
NFU, September 2018

The challenges facing agriculture and the plant science industry in the EU
AgbioInvestor, September 2018

The prospects for lab-grown meat
Adam Smith Institute, August 2018

Science breakthroughs to advance food and agricultural research by 2030

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (US), July 2018

Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2017
ISAAA, June 2018

Farm income and production impacts of using GM crop technology 1996–2016
PG Economics, June 2018

Plant breeding techniques in a new era
Wageningen University, May 2018

Opportunities and Challenges for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture in Europe
European Academies Science Advisory Council, April 2018

Status of Agricultural Knowledge, Development and Advice
Agricultural Industries Confederation, March 2018

Impact Report 2017: Harnessing the power of biology
BBSRC, February 2018

Open consultation: The future for food, farming and the environment
Defra, February 2018

Transforming agriculture with data-driven insights
PA Consulting Group, February 2018

The Future of Farming
Policy Network, January 2018

A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to  Improve the Environment

HM Government, January 2018

Driving productivity growth together
AHDB, January 2018

Industrial Strategy – Building a Britain fit for the future
HM Government, November 2017

Global Britain, Global Solutions: How British R&D can transform international development
Policy Exchange, November 2017

Growing a mandate for change
RSA Food Farming & Countryside Commission, November 2017

From grassroots to blue skies: a vision for agri-tech
Agri-Tech East, September 2017

Collaboration on science and innovation: A future partnership paper
HM Government, September 2017

Producer Organisations after Brexit
British Growers Association & Savills, July 2017

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026
OECD-FAO, July 2017

Brexit: farm animal welfare
House of Lords European Union Committee, July 2017

A Food Brexit: time to get real

Tim Lang, Erik Millstone & Terry Marsden, July 2017

Sustainability of liquid biofuels
Royal Academy of Engineering, July 2017

Technological Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture
Anthea McIntyre MEP, June 2017

GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996- 2015
PG Economics, June 2017

State of the World’s Plants 2017
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, May 2017

Global status of commercialized biotech/GM crops 2016 – Executive Summary
ISAAA, May 2017

Brexit: agriculture
House of Lords European Union Select Committee, May 2017

New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology – Explanatory Note
European Commission, Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM), April 2017

Food waste in England
House of Commons Environment Food & Rural Affairs Committee, April 2017

Delivering an improved UK agri-science sector outside the EU
NFU / Rothamsted Research, March 2017

Genome editing: scientific opportunities, public interests and policy options in the European Union
European Academies Science Advisory Council, March 2017

Electric tractors by 2020? – a review of advanced vehicle technology in the agricultural sector

NFU, February 2017

The future of food and agriculture: Trends and challenges
FAO, February 2017

Feeding the Future, four years on: A review of innovation needs for British farming
NFU, February 2017

British Food: What role should UK producers have in feeding the UK?
University of Leeds / Morrisons, February 2017

The Economic Cost of IPR Infringement in the Pesticides Sector
European Union Intellectual Property Office, February 2017

POST Note: New Plant Breeding Techniques
Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, February 2017

AgTech Investing Report 2016
AgFunder, January 2017

Innovative farming and forestry across the emerging world: the role of genetically modified crops and trees
International Industrial Biotechnology Network, January 2017

Brexit, Agriculture & Agricultural Policy
Centre for Policy Studies, January 2017

Environmental tipping points and food system dynamics: Main report
Global Food Security Programme, January 2017

The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum
Environmental Audit Committee, January 2017

A time for boldness: EU membership and UK science after the referendum
House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, December 2016

Cultivating the Future: How can 20 years of GM debate inform UK farm policy?
Agricultural Biotechnology Council, December 2016

Environmental and Socioeconomic Indicators for Measuring Outcomes of On-Farm Agricultural Production in the United States
Field to Market, December 2016

AHDB Strategy 2017-2020 – Inspiring Success

AHDB, December 2016

Post Note – Genome Editing
Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, November 2016

Ploughing the wrong furrow: The costs of agricultural exceptionalism and the precautionary principle
Institute of Economic Affairs, October 2016

The State of Food and Agriculture 2016
UN Food & Agriculture Organisation, October 2016

Genome editing: an ethical review

Nuffield Council on Bioethics, September 2016

State of Nature 2016
The State of Nature partnership, September 2016

Effect of genetically modified crops on the environment
VIB, September 2016

Agri-Tech Industrial Strategy: Evaluation Scoping Study and Baseline
BIS, July 2016

Cumulative impact of hazard-based legislation on Crop Protection Products in Europe
Steward Redqueen, July 2016

Technological solutions for sustainable agriculture in the EU
European Parliament, June 2016

Soil Health
Environmental Audit Committee, June 2016

GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2014

PG Economics, May 2016

GM Plants: Questions & Answers
Royal Society, May 2016

EU membership and UK science
House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, May 2016

20th Anniversary of the Global Commercialization of Biotech Crops (1996-2015)
ISAAA, April 2016

Implications of a UK exit from the EU for British agriculture
LEI Wageningen, April 2016

The economic, social and environmental value of plant breeding in the European Union
HFFA Research GmbH, March 2016

Food, the UK and the EU: Brexit or Bremain?

Food Research Collaboration, March 2016

A Vision and high-level Strategy for UK Animal and Plant Health Research To 2020 and Beyond
BBSRC, January 2016

Entrepreneurship: a kiss of life for the UK farming sector?
Oxford Farming Conference, January 2016

Genetically modified insects

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, December 2015

Antimicrobials in agriculture and the environment: reducing unnecessary use and waste
Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, December 2015

Changing Climate, Changing Diets
Chatham House, November 2015

Food Futures – from business as usual to business unusual
WRAP, November 2015

Going against the Grain
Agricultural Biotechnology Council, October 2015

Advanced genetic techniques for crop improvement: regulation, risk and precaution: Government Response
House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, October 2015

Economic impact assessment on the European GM authorisation “opt-out” proposal
COCERAL - FEDIOL – FEFAC, October 2015

EU referendum: UK farming’s relationship with the EU
National Farmers Union, October 2015

Farming fit for the future
Wildlife and Countryside Link, September 2015

Securing UK Soil Health
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, August 2015

Extreme weather and resilience of the global food system
Global Food Security Programme, August 2015

Climate Change: A Risk Assessment
Centre for Science and Policy, July 2015

EASAC Statement on New Breeding Techniques
European Academies Science Advisory Council, July 2015

Food Supply in the Balance
Agricultural Industries Confederation, June 2015

Review of the objectives of modern plant breeding and their relation to agricultural sustainability
ADAS, June 2015

Food we can trust: FSA Strategic Plan 2015-20

Food Standards Agency, June 2015

GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2013
PG Economics, May 2015

The role of research in food and nutrition security
Expo 2015 EU Scientific Steering Committee, April 2015

Farming and Water: Facing the Future Together
UK Water Partnership, March 2015

An evidence-based review on the likely economic and environmental impact of genetically modified (GM) cereals and oilseeds for UK agriculture
AHDB, March 2015

Advanced genetic techniques for crop improvement: regulation, risk and precaution
House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, February 2015

Backing British Farming in a Volatile World -The Report
NFU, February 2015

Global status of commercialised GM crops : 2014
ISAAA, January 2015

Food security: demand, consumption and waste
House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, January 2015

Impact Report 2014: BBSRC Delivering Impact

BBSRC, January 2015

The Best British Farmers: What Gives Them The Edge?
Oxford Farming Conference Report, January 2015

Endocrine disruptors: Impacts of changing availability on farmers and production
Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, December 2014

Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector
Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption

Chatham House, December 2014

Innovation: Managing risk, not avoiding it
Annual Report of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, November 2014

Climate Change and the UK: Risks and Opportunities
Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, November 2014

Global Nutrition Report 2014
IFPRI, November 2014

New Techniques for Crop Genetic Improvement - Position Statement
BBSRC, October 2014

Crop Production Technology: The Effect of the Loss of Plant Protection Products on UK Agriculture and Horticulture and the Wider Economy
Andersons, October 2014

Food security: UK Government response
House of Commons EFRA Committee, October 2014

Food for Thought: A vision for unlocking the potential of agriculture and the food industry in the EU
Agri-Food Chain Coalition, September 2014

The State of Food Insecurity in the World

Chatham House, July 2014

Square Meal: why we need a new recipe for farming, wildlife, food and public health
The Food Research Collaboration, July 2014

Food security
House of Commons EFRA Committee, July 2014

The best use of UK agricultural land

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, June 2014

The Sustainable Intensification of European Agriculture
RISE Foundation, June 2014

Healthy Harvest: safeguarding the crop protection toolbox
NFU, June 2014


Economic Impact of IBERS

Aberystwyth University, June 2014

GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2012
PG Economics, May 2014

Centre of excellence in agri-informatics and sustainability metrics – Invitation to prospective consortia
Technology Strategy Board, April 2014

Counting the Cost of Food Waste: EU Food Waste Prevention
House of Lords European Union Committee, April 2014

Hot and hungry – how to stop climate change derailing the fight against hunger

Oxfam, March 2014

GM Science Update
Council for Science and Technology, March 2014

Food Security in a World of Natural Resource Scarcity – The Role of Agricultural Technologies, International Food Policy Research Institute, February 2014

Global Status of Commercialized GM Crops: 2013
ISAAA, February 2014

UK Plant Science: Current status & future challenges

UK Plant Sciences Federation, January 2014

UK bioscience - helping to safeguard the future supply of our daily bread
BBSRC, January 2014

EU impact on the UK life sciences sector
Fresh Start Project, January 2014

Opportunity Agriculture –Towards a Sustainably Competitive Industry
Oxford Farming Conference, January 2014

Centres for Agricultural Innovation – Review of Stakeholder Feedback
HM Government, December 2013

World Resources Report 2013-14: Creating a Sustainable Food Future
World Resources Institute, December 2013

The Emissions Gap Report 2013
United Nations Environment Programme, November 2013

The social, economic and environmental value of agricultural productivity in the European Union, Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture, October 2013

R&D trends for chemical crop protection products and the position of the European market Phillips McDougall, October 2013

Growing Disruption: Climate change, food, and the fight against hunger
Oxfam, September 2013

Tackling climate change through livestock
FAO, September 2013

The Agricultural Disconnect
Syngenta, September 2013

Food waste within global food systems
Global Food Security Programe (UK), September 2013

Growing with Agri-Science
Research Councils UK, July 2013

UK Agricultural Technologies Strategy

HM Government, July 2013

Future Farming: CLA Policy on Biotechnology
Country Land and Business Association, July 2013

Managing the land in a changing climate
Climate Change Commission Adaption Sub-Committee, July 2013

Future of Farming Review Report
Defra, July 2013


Feeding the Nation: creating a resilient, growing food industry

The Labour Party, July 2013

Planting the future: opportunities and challenges for using crop genetic improvement technologies for sustainable agriculture
European Academies Science Advisory Council, June 2013


Agricultural Outlook 2013-2022

OECD - FAO, June 2013


Global Food Security

House of Commons International Development Committee, June 2013


Vaccination against bovine TB

House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, June 2013


Horticulture Matters

Royal Horticultural Society, May 2013


The Future of Food Report

Which?, April 2013


Value of Advice Report

Agricultural Industries Confederation, April 2013


GM crops 1996-2012: A review of the agronomic, environmental and socio-economic impacts, University of Surrey Centre for Environmental Strategy, April 2013


The Trouble with Biofuels: Costs and Consequences of Expanding Biofuel Use in the United Kingdom, Chatham House, April 2013


Feeding the planet in a warming world

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and LSE, April 2013


Pollinators and pesticides

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, April 2013


An assessment of key evidence about Neonicotinoids and bees

Defra, March 2013


Driving Sustainability

LEAF, March 2013


Bridging the valley of death: improving the commercialisation of research

House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, March 2013


Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2012

ISAAA, February 2013


Our Nutrient World - The challenge to produce more food and energy with less pollution

United Nations Environment Programme, February 2013


The value of Neonicotinoid seed treatment in the European Union

Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture, January 2013


Global Food - Waste Not, Want Not

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, January 2013

Report to the President on Agricultural Preparedness and the Agricultural Research Enterprise, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, December 2012

The State of Food and Agriculture 2012
FAO, December 2012

Food for Thought: Global and national challenges of food security
National Federation of Women's Institutes, December 2012

Feeding the Future – Innovation requirements for primary food production in the UK to 2030

Joint Commissioning Group, November 2012

Desk study to evaluate contributory causes of the current ‘yield plateau’ in wheat and
oilseed rape
, HGCA, November 2012

Plant Pathology Education and Training in the UK: An Audit

British Society of Plant Pathology, November 2012


Can big be beautiful? The relationship between size of unit and sustainability in housed livestock systems

The Worshipful Company of Farmers, October 2012


Neonicotinoid insecticides and bees: The state of the science and the regulatory response

Defra, September 2012


Economic importance of azoles in European agriculture: wheat case study

Nomisma, September 2012

Balancing Nature and Agriculture
Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, September 2012

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2012-2021
OECD-FAO, July 2012

Green Food Project - Conclusions
Defra, July 2012

Going for Growth
Agricultural Biotechnology Council, June 2012

GM in Agricultural Development
Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, June 2012

Agricultural Engineering: A key discipline enabling agriculture to deliver global food security
IAgrE, June 2012

Greening the Common Agricultural Policy
Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Committee, June 2012

Foresight Project: Global Food & Farming Futures - One Year Review
The Government Office for Science, London, May 2012

Sustainable Food

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, May 2012

Progress towards a sustainable future for livestock farming
Defra, April 2012

People and the planet
Royal Society, April 2012

Achieving food security in the face of climate change - Final Report
Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change, March 2012

Are potatoes becoming a thing of the past? Round Table Report
Potato Council & Fresh Potato Suppliers Association, 2012

Agriculture in high-growth markets: Securing global food supplies
Economist Intelligence Unit, February 2012

Government Response to the House of Lords EU Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment Sub-committee’s report on Innovation in EU Agriculture
HM Government, February 2012

Impact of reduced pesticide availability: challenges for UK agriculture and horticulture Biosciences KTN, January 2012

Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A future worth choosing

UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability, January 2012

Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Agriculture Sector
HM Government, January 2012

Impact on horticulture through collaboration
Horticultural Development Company, January 2012

Power in Agriculture: Resources, Economic and Politics

Oxford Farming Conference, January 2012

Impact Report 2011 - BBSRC Delivering Impact
BBSRC, January 2012

Energy from biomass: the size of the global resource
UK Energy Research Centre, November 2011

Achieving food security in the face of climate change
Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change, November 2011

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011

UN Food & Agriculture Organisation, September 2011

GM Crops and Food Security
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, September 2011

Raising the competitiveness of Scotland's agri-food industry
SAC Rural Policy Centre, July 2011

Innovation in EU Agriculture
House of Lords European Union Committee, July 2011

The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature
Defra, June 2011

Towards Green Growth
OECD, May 2011

Growing a Better Future: Food justice in a resource-constrained world

Oxfam, May 2011


Independent Farming Regulation Task Force Report

Defra, May 2011


New plant breeding techniques: State-of-the-art and prospects for commercial development

European Commission Joint Research Centre, May 2011


Sustainability of current GM crop cultivation

Wageningen University, April 2011


GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2009

PG Economics, April 2011


Looking Back, Looking Forward: Sustainability and UK Food Policy 2000-2011

Sustainable Development Commission, March 2011


Evaluation of the livestock sector's contribution to EU greenhouse gas emissions

European Commission Joint Research Centre, March 2011


Global Food Security, Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Global Food Security Programme, February 2011


Foresight: The Future of Food and Farming (2011), executive summary

The Government Office for Science, London, January 2011


Population: One Planet, Too Many People

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, January 2010


Investing in world-class science and research - The allocation of science and research funding 2011/12 to 2014/15

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, December 2010


A decade of EU-funded GMO research 2001-10

European Commission, December 2010


Support for agricultural R&D is essential to deliver sustainable increases in UK food production
APPGSTA, November 2010


Food and Climate change: A review of the effects of climate change on food within the remit of the Food Standards Agency
University of East Anglia, October 2010


Water for Agriculture – Implications for Future Policy and Practice
RASE, October 2010


How well prepared is the UK for climate change?
Committee on Climate Change, September 2010


Increasing the consumption and production of domestic fruit and vegetables
Report of the Fruit and Vegetables Task Force, August 2010


Placing the 2006/08 Commodity Price Boom into Perspective
World Bank, July 2010


Food security: Feeding the world in 2050
Royal Society, August 2010


Zero Carbon Britain 2030
Centre for Alternative Technology, June 2010


Greenhouse gas mitigation by agricultural intensification
Burney et al, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, June 2010


EU agricultural production and trade: Can more production efficiency prevent increasing ‘land-grabbing’ outside of Europe?
OPERA / Humboldt University Berlin, May 2010


Practice with Science and Agriculture: The need to re-invigorate this partnership
Royal Agricultural Society of England, April 2010


Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Dairy Sector
FAO, April 2010


House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, March 2010


The Scientific Century: securing our future prosperity
The Royal Society, March 2010


Food: a recipe for a healthy, sustainable and successful future
Council of Food Policy Advisors, March 2010


Global Status of Commercialized GM Crops: 2009
ISAAA, February 2010


Economic Impact Report
John Innes Centre, January 2010


Defra’s Evidence Investment Strategy: 2010-2013 and beyond
Defra, January 2010


Agricultural research needs and priorities: survey findings from the farming industry
Oxford Farming Conference, January 2010


Agricultural research needs and priorities: survey findings from the food industry
Oxford Farming Conference, January 2010


UK Cross-Government Food Research and Innovation Strategy
Government Office for Science, 5 January 2010


Food 2030
HM Government, January 2010


Let UK Agriculture Compete
Commercial Farmers Group, November 2009


A Way Forward for GMO Cultivation in Europe?
Chatham House, November 2009


Exploring attitudes to GM food
Food Standards Agency, November 2009


Reaping the Benefits: Science and the Sustainable Intensification of Global Agriculture
Royal Society, October 2009


Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation
International Food Policy Research Institute, September 2009


How to Feed the World 2050: The Technology Challenge
FAO, September 2009


First Report from the Council of Food Policy Advisers
Defra, September 2009


Food Matters: One Year On
Defra, August 2009


Fertilisers, Climate Change and Enhancing Productivity Sustainably
International Fertiliser Industry Association, July 2009


Securing food supplies up to 2050: the challenges faced by the UK
House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, 21 July 2009


The global pipeline of new GM crops
Joint Research Centre, July 2009


Crop Protection
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, June 2009


Industrial uses for crops: markets for bioplastics
HGCA, May 2009


Feed the World: The Challenge of Agricultural Development
International Policy Network, April 2009


The potential to increase productivity of wheat and oilseed rape in the UK
Report to the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, January 2009


Feeding Britain
The Smith Institute, March 2009


Making Sense of GM – What is the genetic modification of plants and why are scientists doing it?
Sense About Science, February 2009


Food Futures: Rethinking UK Strategy
Chatham House, February 2009


The Feeding of the Nine Billion: Global Food Security for the 21st Century
Chatham House, January 2009


The vital ingredient: Chemical science and engineering for sustainable food
Royal Society of Chemistry / Institution of Chemical Engineers, January 2009


The Current Status of Soil and Water Management in England
RASE, October 2008


Why Science Matters for Farming Report
NFU, October 2008


WHAT PRICE PROTECTION? An Economic Assessment of the Impact of Proposed Restrictions on Crop Protection Substances
Cranfield University School of Management, September 2008


GM Crops: Global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2006
PG Economics, June 2008


Assessment of the impact on crop protection in the UK of 'cut-off criteria' and substitution provisions in the proposed Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the placing of plant protection products in the market
Pesticides Safety Directorate, May 2008


The need for a new vision for UK agricultural R&D
Commercial Farmers Group, May 2008

Provision of a scientific knowledge transfer base for 21st century dairy farming
in the UK

Dairy Science Forum, March 2008

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